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THE DECK KNOWS (Instant Download)



From a shuffled pack, two spectators each freely select a card. Both cards are lost in the pack which is then mixed further. You don’t even touch the deck – your spectators now find their cards in the ultimate display of coincidence! Best of all, there’s no sleights and its completely self working. This is “The Deck Knows”.

“A clever combination of methods that produces a fun result. Nice work!”
– Dan Harlan

“A smart, two-pronged effect that condenses two tricks into a single piece, nicely integrating two methods in a way that makes it almost impossible to backtrack. It’s definitely a trick you’ll have to follow through with cards-in-hand because, like all the very best self-working effects, even when you see the methods, it’s not 100% clear HOW they enact the effect. Very deceptive, very devious, exactly what we’ve come to expect from Mavresis!”
– Phill Smith

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