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What people say about Nikolas’s Mentalism lecture:

“A fantastic lecture of engaging mentalism pieces that showcase a variety of clever methods. The effects all rely on easy to understand principles that camouflage beautifully in the routines. You will have a hard time picking your favorite routine as the course is packed with winners. You will definitely be adding a few of these gems to your set!” David Jonathan


“Inspirational, plain and simple! A joy to watch, to learn from and experience. A lot of ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moments which gave me with a wry smile from start to finish. Recommend this very highly indeed.” Mick Wilson


Well, what can I say? Nikolas Mavresis creates great magic pieces like Zener Match and The Collector and his lecture will not disappoint anyone interested in mentalism. It was a great night filled with some really clever ideas! – Brian Stewart


If you are a working mentalist buy this. I have watched many of the academies and this is in my top 5. Nikolas Mavresis’ thinking is first class, clearly outlines every routine and every effect is commercial. Just buy it, any one of the ideas on their own is worth the cost of the course. and the last CineMental is fantastic .. mind you so is the bank night, oh and the Cluedo and the … (you get the idea) – Phil Macleod


“A great Academy with lots of material and ideas to think about. Russian Bank Night is a fantastic routine. Nikolas delivers an excellent lecture and I would recommend this to anyone with an interest in mentalism. As for value for money, I’m not sure where else you could get direct tuition for the price! ” Dan Mullen


“The methods and thoughts Nicholas presented were thought provoking. Gave all the attendees lots to think about. So much content! ” William McGregor

“I like mentalism and this was the subject at its best! Not to be missed! ” Alexander Ross

“It was a great honor to be one of Nikolas’ volunteers for his lecture the other night (19.10.20). Most of his effects were new to us guys and he has shown again, through his ideas and passion for magic, that he will be a great innovator especially in the realms of mentalism. Not only does he take old tricks and revamps them but he has introduced new methods and ideas and it is a breath of fresh air. We can expect, and I know we will see, a lot more from this very multi-talented young man.”Joe Merlin

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