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The Collector is a self-working effect that combines beautiful props, a chilling storyline and an unbelievably impactful and clean reveal.


In 1908 20 year after Jack The Ripper terrorized the streets of London a new killer was on the loose. This time the killer preyed on the wealthy. Nicknamed by the press as ‘The Collector’ because each time a murder was committed a personal item was taken from the victim. ‘The Collector’ was the first documented case of a serial killer taking what we know today as trophies from their victims.


The collector was also the first case to employ the service of a psychic investigator.


The Police had narrowed the suspect list down to ten people all of which themselves were wealthy and mixed in the same circles as their victims.

It's now down to your spectator to become the Psychic investigator, solve the crime and catch ‘The Collector’!


There are

No Duplicates

No double envelopes

No R & S or sticky

Everything may be examined


The Collector comes with everything you need to perform the effect.

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