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The Blessing by Nikolas Mavresis



“This is by far my favourite Nikolas Mavresis creation to date. A captivating story and multiple kickers they just do not see coming” Jamie Daws

The Blessing is an engaging effect combined with multiple hard-hitting kickers.

A deck of Tarot cards is introduced to your audience. You recount a tale from years gone by of the wealthy who would pay heavily to have protection from any bad cards or curse with may show themselves during their Tarot reading.

Three spectators are asked to join you and each is given a small wooden disc which is said to protect the bearer from harm. The Tarot are then mixed and each spectator rolls a die. Once they are happy with the total number fate has given them, Each victim….Sorry spectator is dealt five Tarot cards from the top of the deck. They then proceed to move cards from the top of their pile to the bottom to the exact number they chose with the dice. The top cards from each of their piles are revealed. You “the Magi” give each participant a reading for their chosen Tarot. The readings are all wonderful and positive, But why wouldn’t they be? They have the protective amulet. You may be thinking this is just a coincidence? You ask each spectator to remove their charm from their pockets and to turn them over where they can clearly see that each of the discs has been engraved to represent their chosen Tarot. Still not convinced?, you now turn over every other card in their pile and in fact the deck and they are all DEATH proving that they have indeed been protected.

The Blessing comes complete with

Full Video Instructions

Custom Tarot Deck

Three Ornate Dice

Five Custom Engraved Wooden Discs

A Black Velvet Bag To Carry All Your Blessing Props


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