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MEMORIES by Nikolas Mavresis



Memories – Nikolas Mavresis – Easy Drawing Duplication System is one of the APEX predators of Mentalism. It’s simple to follow, direct in execution, and mind-blowing in comprehension. MEMORIES symbolizes the definition of synergy as it’s delivered in an awe-inspiring impact – straight to the brains of your audience. MEMORIES from Nikolas Mavresis features possibly the most simple and powerful methodology for Drawing Duplication or creative revelation to date.
You don’t have to invest large sums of money or hours of time to master MEMORIES, because Nikolas Mavresis has done the hard work for you. The result allows you to perform mind-blowing emotional mentalism amazingly fast after learning the modus operandi.
Effect: They choose any image – there is no forcing required. You start drawing intently the creation of your perceived image. Next, you ask the spectator to reveal — for the first time — the image they chose by showing it only to the audience members (if desired). Afterward, you tilt your sketch forward – the astonished audience confirms with absolute conviction your sketch is an exact match to the spectators selected image.
You are NOT limited to just one spectator – nor the drawing duplication reveal either. Imagine the impact of choosing three spectators and revealing one-by-one, the images each has in their mind based on the image they freely selected. Memories puts you in the cockpit to fly your spectators on a journey they will never forget. Memories is a powerful tool for any mentalist that gives you the freedom to reveal the images any way you wish!
Start making powerful performance memories now – with MEMORIES by Nikolas Mavresis.
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